Welcome to our clinic where health care system is presented in a high-quality manner. We provide a wide range of medical services to all sorts of patients, and our patients go home healthier and satisfied.



Medical services in all medical branches

Teams of medical experts in our clinic provided by UK Meds provide full examination, diagnostic procedures, and treatment to all patients, covering all field of internal medicine. This includes preventive methods, general medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, hematology, endocrinology, gynecology and pediatric services.

An educational program for students

Our clinic enables medical students to study and practice here, under the supervision of our experts and volunteers. We are integrated into clinical rotation of interns and support directly doctors going through a specialistic educational phase.

Mobile and outpatient clinic

Since we work with elder patients, severe and disabled patients, our clinic has mobile teams of experts providing medical service at homes of our patients. We check on our patients, apply their therapy and provide palliative care.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation services

Our clinic is implementing various rehabilitation programs for restoring functionality and mobility of severely injured and disabled patients. Our experts of physical medicine work individually with each patient throughout the whole program.

Why we are the best

We cover every field of medicine and utilize the latest equipment to ensure successful treatment of each patient. Our system saves your time and provides quality treatment to everyone, regardless of their financial capacity.

Reputable medical experts

Every medical expert working in our clinic is reputable, highly professional and experienced doctor, with the years of subspecialists practice in a given medical field. Skilled and dedicated additional stuff accompanies doctors.

Powerful diagnostic equipment

To provide effective and successful diagnostic procedures and enable targeted, adequate therapy for everyone, our clinic is equipped with the latest devices, radiology equipment and powerful lab capacity available to each patient.

Efficient workflow

We strive to provide positive cost-benefit ration and efficient workflow during the process of diagnosing and treating every patient. This reduces the time patients spend in health care system, while increases the rate of successful treatments.


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